Telescopic Visual Inspection Device «Periscop-185»

Inspection device «Periscop-185» is intended for visual inspection of cargoes, vehicles, dusky and hard-to-reach spots. «Periscop-185» is designed and manufactured in Russia. The screening equipment is indispensable in the work of customs services, law enforcement and security services. Inspection device can be used in everyday life and business activities that require surveillance equipment.


The basic components of the device are telescopic bar and set of mirrors (different sizes and configurations). The weight of assembled device doesn`t exceed 0,65 kg. It is compact, light and convenient customs equipment.

Bar & Clamps

«Periscop-185» is made on the basis of professional photo-tripod. With its robust and reliable handle and sturdy clamps this screening equipment does not require replacement parts and special care. Convenient design of a bar allows to adjust its length from 690 mm (shrink length) to 1865 mm (extention length). Fixing clamps can quickly adjust the length of the bar.

Search mirror Periscop-185

Inspection Mirrors

Different-sized mirrors included:

Type of mirror is determined depending on the specific conditions of inspection.


5 light-emmiting diods built-in directly in a bar are applied for illumination of inspection surfaces. This original solution is used for the first time in custom security equipments.

Light of Periscop-185

Arrangements of the leds allows to shine a surfaces with direct instead of reflected light. This facilitates the inspection, cause the picture of surfaces and objects in the mirrors remains constant and doesn`t depend on the angle of view. Source of power is two batteries type is AAA. Power batteries is enough for 9 hours stand by time of leds.

Technical Specifications

1.Light durable telescopic inspection bar, four sections with five diods
  • max length – 1865 mm
  • min length – 690 mm
  • length adjustment (glide from 690 mm to 1865 mm)
2. Inspection mirrors
3. Lights
  • 5 light-emmiting diods
  • Lighting - 500 mm to the object
  • Power source - two batteries type AAA
  • Time of continuous work - not less than 9 hours
4. Weight
  • without mirrors: 450±10 g
  • with mirror, no more: 650 g



Telescopic visual inspection device Periscop-185 (inspection mirrors)
about Periscop-185

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